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Susan Taylor, At a Glance

Susan Taylor is a highly accomplished professional who has spent many years working in the medical industry and honing her skills in customer service. The most recent position she held, before becoming an independent beauty consultant with May Kay, was as a companion aide for RetireEase Senior Services. Prior to obtaining that position, Ms. Taylor spent 10 years working with the American Red Cross as a donor counselor and donor suitability/property retrieval supervisor and manager. In her position, she spoke with blood donors and ran several programs. She also worked at hospitals as a blood bank technologist and as an ER lab technologist, quality assurance coordinator and bone marrow processing technician.

Aside from her passion for the medical industry, Ms. Taylor also has a natural ability to build confidence in customers through advising on skin care products and makeup applications. Her genuine and personable nature makes it easy for her to connect with others and create lasting relationships. Ms. Taylor ensures that all customers receive their ideal beauty experience, whether it is a one-on-one consultation or a party with a group of people.

Ms. Taylor is a registered and certified medical technologist by the American Society for Clinical Pathology and earned a Bachelor of Science in medical technology at Clemson University.

Susan Taylor
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